Artworks: “Recalling the Memory: Rangga Purbaya on Space Out, Photography Workshop by Anja de Jong, 2000″/ Anamorphic/ Series


“Anamorphic: Recalling the Memory “Rangga Purbaya on Space Out, Photography Workshop by Anja de Jong, 2000”
Anang Saptoto, Anamorphic mural projection, 484 cm x 347 cm x 116 cm, 2014

1x25Jam Project #2, Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta Indonesia


As a gallery, Cemeti facilitates aspects of discourse-making, both formally and informally. Informally, particular ideas about art developed through ‘light’ conversations that took place during Cemeti’s many events.

Among its various developments, I am curious a to re-read and find out about the birth of photography, video, and graphic design practices through exhibitions that Cemeti organized. Personally, this is because my own practices also involve these methods.

I have chosen to represent 2 of the many ‘informal meetings’ and fragments of ‘light conversations’ here in the form of perspective projection on the walls and floors of the gallery, as well as in the text of the postcards.









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