Artworks: “Pohon Jati Riwayatmu Kini 1″/ Indonesian Zone/ Series/ Artjog 2012

Pohon Jati Riwayatmu Kini_Artjog 12_1

“Pohon Jati Riwayatmu Kini 1”
Photography print on acrylic, aluminum, variable dimension (33 pieces), 2012 (ARTJOG 2012)

(2012) “Looking East! A Gaze Upon Indonesian Contemporary Art, ARTJOG12″, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia

(2013) “Kepingan”, Kuota #4, Langgeng Art Foundation, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Exhibition view: Photography print on recycle paper, mounted on cappa board, aluminum (33 pieces), 2013

(2013) “Southeast Asia Contemporary”, Helu-Trans, Tanjung Pagar, Singapore

In the middle of 2008, I went to Bukit Tawing located in Grobogan, Central Java. It seems that back in the 1980’s, Bukit Tawing was a lush verdant teak forest. Who would have thought that by the time I arrived in this place, not a single teak tree could be found on this hill? From afar, the view of Bukit Tawing reminds me of an iced cake that has been dug into by someone. The limestone cliffs have also been hacked away and mined by the residents of area. For years now, natural water sources have been depleted in many areas around Grobogan; wells and rivers have dried up. It is dry, dusty and hot, with temperatures reaching over 40 degrees celcius.

After coming away from my experience in Bukit Tawing, I saw a stack of teak logs in a shop selling wood near my house and was very interested to know more about the wood. I chatted with the wood-seller, documented the logs and measured each of the them. I was very curious about the cut sections of wood. The height and diameter, and the grain indicate the age of the wood. The codes scrawled on them raised for me some big questions. It was like looking at historical documentation charting the journey of this wood, its stories locked behind the numbers, colour and letters.

A tale of the teak tree, from the forest to here.



“Tawingku Uripku”
Video Workshop Grobogan Purwodadi Central Java, 08:00″, single channel video, 2007

This project collaboration with PLAN International Children NGO at Grobogan Purwodadi. Facilitator: Anang Saptoto & Diah






Detail of works:

Pohon Jati Riwayatmu Kini_Artjog 12_4

Pohon Jati Riwayatmu Kini_Artjog 12_3

Pohon Jati Riwayatmu Kini_Artjog 12_2


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