Artworks: “Menikmati Runtuhnya Kota Lama”/ Savoring the demolition of Kota Lama/ Series


“Menikmati Runtuhnya Kota Lama/ Savoring the demolition of Kota Lama”
Photography print on transparent acrylic, aluminum
lifesize, 15 parts, 3 edition + 1 AP, 2013

Exhibition/ collection:
(2015) PAUSE, A Contemporary Photography Exhibition, a part of Photo Bangkok festival 2015, Bangkok Art Cultural Centre, Bangkok, Thailand

(2013) Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery, Central Java, Indonesia
Exhibition view:
Photography print on sticker paper, lifesize 2013

(2014) Green House, Prawirotaman 2, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

When working on my latest works I am particularly interested on the matter of ‘size’. In my opinion, size is not only a numbered value but also constitutes certain relationship as well as underlying context for an object.

In “Menikmati Runtuhnya Kota Lama” (Savoring the demolition of Kota Lama), images of Kota Lama’s shattered walls are presented in its authentic physical measurement. By presenting them as how it is, I expect to narrow the distance between audience with an ongoing issue of the site – within the gallery and beyond.











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